Vacuum Technologies

Those who have a field interest in the advanced vacuum tech trade have never had it better

You could not say that the journeymen of the past had it any worse than today’s young tradesmen and apprentices. In fact, they may have been at the coalface of the industry but they had the rudimentary benefits of training and learning that the youngsters of today no longer have. These old guys learned things by hand if you will. Those men who are still in the business can teach the youth a trick or two. But it will never be a gyppo move, that much is certain.

Still, today’s young men and women, fresh out of high school or college perhaps, have never had it better than the old guys. This is why. Online resources on advanced vacuum technology are widely available, now more than ever before. Journeymen teachers or traders appointed to teach new entrants how the many processes of vacuum technologies need to be carried out and applied also have an easier time of it.

Teaching toolkits can be readily encapsulated and customized to suit the purposes of the related business. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, as they say. The youthful learners of today simply need to apply the learning tools they acquired at high school and college level and apply it to the online resources. They can flip through archived material under the guidance of their mentors. Teachers are well positioned to go back in time and tell their students what is relevant to their current learning criteria.

Customers can learn too. To sell things forward, retailers and wholesalers need knowledge of their product lines to make effective selling points to their customers in turn. Stakeholders can readily communicate with each other to keep abreast of new developments.